Accurately geotag tweet via API post



I have a script that posts semi-regularly to a twitter feed using the


API command. I am posting the following to the api:

‘status’ => trim($tw),
‘lat’ => $lat,
‘long’ => $lng,
‘display_coordinates’ => ‘true’,
‘geo_enabled’ => ‘true’

$lat and $lng are regular lat and long coordinates for a specific area in the city. When the tweet is posted, I get a geolocate button on the tweet, but it only offers the generic city name. I’d like to be able to show the exact location. Is this possible?

I’ve tried every variant I can think of, but I only get to a ‘city’ level and never more detailed. I own the account being posted to, and have made sure geo is enabled.

Thanks for any help on this.


If you retrieve the Tweet with the API, are the lat+long still present in the Tweet? You could display that on a map for yourself. I don’t think the Twitter apps or website provide specific location information.