AccountSettings are no longer accurate



Seems out of date.

Removed properties

New properties

  • smart_mute
  • display_sensitive_media

Could you please verify for trend_location that it has actually been removed and that it is not a bug?

Also what is smart_mute (I could not find it anywhere on the website or even the Twitter website settings. I need it for documenting the property).



Also if the trend_location has been removed from the settings intentionally, is the trend_location_woeid parameter of the edit settings endpoint ( ) used in any way?

If yes where and how?


Thanks for these queries and well spotted. I’ll look into these.


Any update on this one?


I don’t have an answer to everything as I was travelling last week, but I now know that smart_mute is unused and will be removed so you can leave that out.

We’re in the process of some documentation changes and cleanup, so I’ll take into account the change to the show_all_inline_media that you’ve noted. These changes may take a number of weeks to ripple through to be visible as we’re working on the backend that hosts the docs.

I’ll try to find out about those other settings here though, and get things clarified.


As another note, it seems that show_all_inline_media no longer exist in the json returned from verify_credentials.

The json example will probably have to be updated.