Accounts hitting rate limits for no apparent reason


We have had a couple of users of our app start to get rate limit errors, including one of our accounts.

I can’t see how we’ve or our client that we’re working with to fix this for them, could have hit the 1000/day limit on updates. Is there any way to view what the recent requests have been?

For our account, we got this update continuously for days, despite no updates being posted in between.


Are you hitting rate limits (which are for read actions on the API) or the limitations on write actions like tweeting that are more intrinsic to accounts?

That 1000 daily limit is subdivided into roaming windows of time, and includes replies and retweets.

Are you sure that’s the error you’re running into if you haven’t tweeted, replied, ro retweeted at all in that time frame?


Hi there,

This is for post actions, however I think I may have got to the bottom of it. Whilst 1000/day seems quite a lot I worked out it’s not that many when you start looking at 5 min intervals, & out system was snagging on some posts, & retrying them several time, so think that may have been the problem.

Could you offer any insight into what size chinks of time, the 1000/day limit is broken down into at all?

Thanks for you help.