Accounts Getting Locked


I recently launched a new service which I know is compliant as I’ve been doing the same thing for the past year with another app and have gone through the review process quite a bit.

I’m pretty sure the cause of the accounts getting locked is just a change in behavior but it seems to be happening pretty aggressively. I’ve had 20% of the people that have connected their accounts today and done some actions get locked which seems like a crazy amount. I’m used to some users getting their account locked but 20% almost seems like something else is up.

It’s possible it’s just because they’re new, don’t usually do this many actions normally, and the change in behavior triggers it. But I’m just curious if there’s a bigger issue going on with Twitter’s automated system or because of my app being new or something else.


We’re always adjusting our systems to better identify potentially compromised accounts, or problematic behaviours. It is possible that this is the case here. Signals like lack of information associated with an account, or relative newness and automated behaviours, can sometimes cause issues.

If users are experiencing repeated account issues then I’d suggest that they take a look at the support pages, as we’re not able to assist with anything account-related here.

Acknowledge that you’ve potentially done similar things with other apps in the past, and that the percentage you’re reporting here may seem higher than what you’ve seen before. In that instance it is possible that the newness of the service combined with newness of accounts may be related. In the case of app issues, we’ll have to direct you to the platform support forms.



Thanks. I pretty much expected that to be the response. I just wanted to point it out incase there may have been an issue with the system. After I posted they actually slowed down so I’ll just see how today goes.