Account was suspended, why? How can we prevent this from unneccesarily happening again?


We have launched a new product for which we created a twitter account. We started following around 900 people who are looking for a job because that is who the product is developed for. The twitter account got suspended, why? How can we prevent this from happening again? We believe that we have not done anything wrong have we?

Best regards,
-Andy Joghi


Hello, @andyjoghi.

It’s hard to tell why your account was suspended. However, this is not the right place to ask. Your question regards a case that is between yourself and Twitter only, and is not suitable as a reply for other users.

You should open up a new ticket and ask the same question. You can do that from here:

(If you followed all those 900 people within a very short time frame, Twitter might have been automatically notified of too much activity from your account and narrowed it down as “spam”. A lot of malicious accounts use this method to get their unwanted spam across fast.)

Best of luck,
~ @Ayu
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