Account was blocked because sending news of arbitrage automatically,why?


Hi, I have created a app to send arbitrage infomations about cryptocurrency. This app sent about 11 messges per hour.
I ran it tonight , and this mornining it was blocked.
I don’t know what rule I have violated .
Could some one tell me?
Here is the link of my account.

Thank you very much


If your app was suspended, you need to use the platform support forms. If your account was suspended or affected in any way (the account you link to appears to be active) then you should use

You should ensure that any app follows the automation rules.


@andypiper Hey andy, I keep getting suspended account warnings for certain features of my automated account but as I continue to twitter it seems like there has been no affect, additionally when I try to submit a ticker at it does not let me inquire why this is happening because of it locks the form saying “Please logout of this account and log into an account that has a suspension”.

I have gotten multiple suspension warnings despite (seemingly) being in line with automation rules, but would just like clarification, but am not really finding a way to do so through the ticket system right now. Do you have any advice on who I could contact?