Account suspensions due api tests?



Hi there,

Im logging with my testing account because my main account has been suspended.Today I have received a suspension for ‘Incumplir las reglas que prohíben evadir la suspensión permanente.’, or in english ‘Not complying the rules that forbid evading permianent suspension’.

As far as I know, I’ve never done so, but as I’ve made a ton of experiments with my main account, it could be the case that I made something wrong around 2015, when my app was at alpha phases.

Is that even possible? I’ve opened a case about this, but I’ve been very careful to not violate any rule or limit, as far as I know.

Can you please clarify something about this topic?

EDIT: I know that you cannot see concrete cases in this forum, but would be good to know if is possible to get a suspension because you mess around with your apps, and how. Don’t get me wrong, I’m asking about the causes, not the effect.

Thanks in advance.



Please use for queries like this. This forum exists to help developers with API questions.

We cannot offer any assistance with issues related to accounts (suspension, verification, usernames etc), or usage of the website, analytics or ads dashboards, and the iOS and Android mobile apps in this forum


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