Account suspension!


My account was suspended 2 days ago for aggressive following. It has been suspended once before as well. Will I get it back? I really want it back it means so much to me.


My account has been suspended for 8 days now. It’s the first time it has been suspended. I only realised what I had done wrong when I read over the rules and I did not know you couldn’t use a verified header as your background, I am very sorry it won’t happen again can you please please unsuspend my account, thankyou.


I am launching a new product and website tomorrow. I guess I didn’t realize how many tweets I’d sent. It was not done with maliciously and until it was suspended I did not know the rules. Since I’ve gotten many followers, I’ve been tweeting with them and telling them about my product and site. I was not counting my interactions. I respectfully request to be reinstated and would like to know how to keep from doing this again. It seemed that people were following and interested in the riddles that I was posting announcing the upcoming unveiling of a new product. Today was the first time that I’d shown photos of the product and many were asking for more info.
Again, my apologies. I hope that you will reconsider my suspension. Thank you for your time.


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