Account suspended #noreason #noanswer


Hello dear staff

I (@NCSUMicMan) was recently blocked for unknown reasons and i have not received an email with reason or instruction for unlock.
Also i discuss this on webmasters forum and some people have same problem - no answers from ( or "You tried to update a case that has been closed"
We are all confused, becouse few months ago there are no problems to unsuspend if you law-abiding user. Today it is problem.
So i create this topic for me and others people who have same problem. I hope you will help us, i just know that, becouse you are good and helpful people ;p

Best regards

and after “… was hidden due to community flagging.”

Staff, plz, give instruction to us, what should we do in situation when “no answers from @support form”? just forgot account and start new? rly? =) i know a lot of people who have same problem. We also still trying to submit forms, but there are no results.



Hi! as stated in our forum guidelines we are unable to deal with user account queries here. This is the reason why your post was flagged as offtopic.

More importantly, this community site is for discussions about Twitter developer products, platform and APIs. I understand that this is frustrating for you, but these forums are separate from our support processes for users and our consumer products (client apps and website) so we are not able to make changes in those areas.

I’m going to close this topic now, and ask that you go back to the Support pages and follow the guidance there. Good luck! :smiley: