Account suspended by agressive following


My Dear Twitter Support Team,
I humbly beg, Kindly Unsuspend my Account. I’ve been waiting patiently and hopefully, that I get a response to one of my filed tickets. My account has been suspended since 27 september and I have not gotten any email from you as to the situation with my twitter handle. I am a genuine user since 2008 not to be mistaken for a robot. I may have violated the rules along the line which I maybe ignorant of, I can passionately say that it wasn’t intentional in any case. Please I really need my twitter account to be working again. Kindly look into my issue and resolve it I plead

Yours faithfully,


@mindfacts your account has been unsuspended. OMG I dont know why mine is still suspended. Please twitter help unsuspend @Keveen


i have not got my ticket or my token
AGRESSIVE FOLLOWING no i wasnt you didnt tell me i wasnt to have the apps just unfollow or follow and you never gave me a token i was