Account Suspended but no help provided


I posted this earlier today: MoPub account suspended without warning for 2 year account

And the topic was closed due to not being able to discuss it on a public forum. That is completely understandable. However what doesn’t make sense now is the email that we are advised to email sent me back a standard response:


Thank you for your inquiry regarding your MoPub Marketplace account. Due to MoPub internal protocol, we are unable to disclose the specific policy in violation.

Please refer to the MoPub Terms of Service and Supply Side Policies for further information:,

Thank you,
MoPub Policy Team

This doesn’t help me at all as it doesn’t let me know what the reason for suspending my account without any warning was for. I am willing to work with support to solve this but no one is willing to help me or give me answers. I have also emailed but have not received any responses. Can anyone help me at all please?


We cannot help you via this forum. Please do not open multiple topics here. Thank you.