Account still pending after approval



We’re currently having problems with our development account activation for @majestic, which we use for Twitter handle verification in our business pages.

We applied around September last year, after approval was made mandatory, and after responding to some questions got a “Your Twitter developer account application has been approved!” email on the 26th September. However, when logging into our account it still says “You cannot create apps because your developer account is pending”.

Is there something else we need to do?




Hi @timmaj - I have asked the team to re-open your case. Please be on the lookout for an email from us and respond to any email asking for further clarification over the next few days. Let me know if you don’t get anything in the next week or so.


Hi @Aurelia - thank you! Much appreciated, and will keep an eye out for the emails.




Same problem.
@AnSocDev account, and same dev account is still pending, but i have 1 approved app from my previous projects.
i’ve got new mailbox on protonmail.


Hi @AnSocDev - we sent you a follow-up email on 5/25/2018 asking for more information about your use case. You will have to respond to this email, for your application to be processed. I’m going to ask the team here to re-send you this email. Please check your inbox (including Junk and Spam folders) over the next few days.


Nothing there. Please resend email or restart approval process


Hi @AnSocDev - we sent you an email on 1/11/2019 to let you know that your application was approved. This email was sent to da*** Your developer account is now active.




I have the same problem. I get the message since last year.


Hi @ner2109 - I have checked and the developer account linked to @ner21011 is currently active. Are you sure that the developer account you are logged in is linked to the right Twitter account (@ner21011)?


HI @radutec - this is a different issue. Your developer account has not yet been approved because we are still waiting on information from you. We sent you an email on 9/10/2018 asking for more details on your use case. You will have to respond to this email for your application to be processed.



no mail arrived. Please send again.




@radutec - I have asked the team to resend you this email. Please check your inbox over the next couple of days (make sure to also check your Spam and Junk folders).



Thank you.

Harold Raduschewski


Hi @Aurelia,

Been keeping an eye on the inbox associated with the Twitter account’s email, and haven’t received anything so far (including in spam/junk). Do you know if anything’s been sent yet?

Thanks for your help!



Hi @timmaj - I’ve just followed up with the team about your case. Please let me know if you still haven’t heard anything in 2-3 days’ time.


Hi @timmaj - you should have received an email now, confirming that your application was approved. Let me know if this is not the case.


Fantastic - all looking good. Thank you for your help @Aurelia !



We had the same experience with our company dev account @ceyentradev. We are a tech company provide software solutions for our customers. For the testing purposes we need twitter dev account. We have sent an application for the twitter dev account 2 weeks ago. It is great if you could give us any response ASAP since we stuck with client deadlines.


Your application is approved.