Account status clarification


Hi there!

How can a request for an account’s funding instruments return the error ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT, but the account’s approval_status to be ACCEPTED? :no_mouth:



@majoritasdev: What is the ads account that you’re seeing this with?


Hi @juanshishido! I think it was for 18ce54mbv9d. I see this is not the case anymore, but it certainly happened. I think it warrants a verification on your end, anyway, since this clearly happened, and it’s clearly weird.

On the enumerations page I see that an account’s approval_status doesn’t have any value like LOCKED_OUT, maybe it should…

Thank you.


Thanks, @majoritasdev!

The following error response indicates that the account is unable to perform any actions. To clarify, it’s not specific to a particular resource.

  "errors": [
      "code": "ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT",
      "message": "Account is locked out"
  "request": {
    "params": {}

There are several reasons this may happen, but the API team doesn’t have visibility into why for any particular account.

I agree that it would help if we could update the approval_status response attribute in the accounts object, though. We’ll bring that feedback to the broader team.

Thank you!


Thank you, @juanshishido, for clarifying and for passing my feedback along!