Account not found error


Hello - I am trying twitter AdAPI and got this error message.

‘Account 14862610 was not found’

I got ‘Access Granted’ email yesterday.

Thank you


@ViacomASG - It is likely because you have not completed oauth correctly for the account for the app ID. Can you please provide your app ID? Please find authentication documentation here.

You can use twurl and follow the Read Me to get started with authentication for testing purposes.


I got basic authentication working when I regenerated my keys.

When I tried twurl --trace -H “/0/accounts” I get 403. Anything Im missing which is obvious ?


Hi @ViacomASG - You should be using Ads API version 3 — /3/

Please find versioning documentation here!


Hi Brent, thank you for your reply. May be first let me explain what Im trying to do here.

I created an APP with my Generic Login (ViacomASG) and I have few other site logins like sitea, siteb, sitec … who creates their own ad campaigns. We want to pull ad metrics from all these sites with one single app.

Now I logged in to sitea and requested access with my generic login with account id (14862610) and got confirmation email that its approved.

If I do twurl accounts I just get my generic logic (where I created my app)

twurl -H “/3/accounts/” doesn’t show me any accounts.

Is this the right approach? basically our app should be able to get ad reports from 30 different logins we have.


Hi @ViacomASG,

You would either need to go through 3 legged oauth to authorize those other accounts, or add your generic login’s account as an account user to the 30 other various accounts through the Twitter UI.