"account media" VS "media_creatives"


  1. I am not clear about the difference between “account media”(https://dev.twitter.com/ads/reference/get/accounts/account_id/account_media ) and “media_creatives”(https://dev.twitter.com/ads/reference/get/accounts/account_id/media_creatives ). What I can only found to help me to understand is this: https://g.twimg.com/dev/documentation/image/test.png

  2. And according to the example on the Github(https://github.com/twitterdev/twitter-python-ads-sdk/blob/master/examples/account_media.py, https://github.com/twitterdev/twitter-python-ads-sdk/blob/master/examples/video_tutorial.py ) , the first step is uploading media to get media_id or video_id; the second step is creating account media, the third step is creating media creative. So what’s the next if I want to use this creative in ads?

  3. In my experience, the process of using media when creating ads is: upload media -> create card -> create tweet -> create promoted tweets -> associate promoted tweets to ads (line item). I never use any “account media” or “media_creatives”. So I wonder what role it play when I create ads, and when do I need to use it?


Hey @liyouliang,

Thank you for brining this up! Our documentation isn’t extremely clear on the differences between these endpoints, so I’ll try to clear up any confusion here.

  1. The account_media endpoints are used to process any media files (either video, gif or images) after they’ve been uploaded using the POST media/upload endpoint. The account_media endpoint will process the uploaded files and generate an id that can be used to associate this media with any Twitter Ads campaigns.

  2. The media_creative endpoints, on the other hand are used to associate these processed media files (i.e., after the account_media step is complete) with a line_item.

Therefore, using the example mentioned on Github, i.e, the video_tutorial.py script, this script breaks down into the following steps.

  1. Upload the media (image/video) using the upload endpoints to get the media_id or video_id
  2. Create the necessary account_media to process the files after uploading in Step 1
  3. Use the media_creative endpoints to add any additional data (like landing_url) and associate the media with a given line_item

Hope that clears things up!


Hey, @imit8me,

Thanks for your help!

That is clear! ^ ^

1. When do I need to use media_creative?

I did not see any steps about adding media to ads directly during creating creative section when I new campaign manually in Twitter Ads UI.

The regular steps of creating creative as I mentioned in the question is:

In order to know in which situation I need to associate media with line_item directly by using the media_creative endpoints, I try to new every different objective campaigns. And found this when using display creatives for Twitter Audience Platform:

Is that (all) the situation we need to using media_creative?

2. Creatives->Media

Does the media managed in the library equal account_media?


Generally you can assume that Media is referring to images and video to use on Twitter Audience Platform, but there are some other scenarios which also follow the same setup flow (like pre-roll videos). This particular area of media and creatives is subject to change so I would recommend to continue to give feedback about what you are trying to do and the endpoints you are working with.