Account eligibility?



Hello everyone,

i would like to ask why my account is not eligible to advertise even-though my country is listed in the supported countries for advertisements.


Hi @mohammad.swed. We need more information than that to be able to help you. How do you know your account is not eligible to advertise?


Thanks majoritasdev

i`ve already tried to advertise on twitter with my business page, when i tried to sign up for advertisement, twitter pop up a message “you are not eligible for advertise”.

please find a picture of the message here.


Have you had any activity on your twitter account with which you’ve tried to create an ads account? You need to have some activity, posted tweets… in order to be eligible for the Twitter Ads program.


you think that is the problem? right it is a new account.

i have published only three tweets and there is no engagement on them.

should i raise the engagement on my account to allow me to advertise?

that makes scenes.

thanks for your answer.


Yes, that is the problem. Please take a look at two answers of Helen from the Twitter Staff here, saying exactly that:

And also:

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