AcCount Deactivated


Hi guys,
My twitter account @hexacloudspace was deactivated because I entered the birthdate as 2013

This account is not a personal account. it is associated with a new branding company.
more information is available on our website.

how can I activate it?


I made the exact same mistake before, entering an organisation formation date as the birthday, turns out they treat that way more seriously now with GDPR: for this one you have to log in as @hexacloudspace, appeal through the normal Help ticket for “Appeal an account suspension or locked account” and upload a screenshot of your ID verifying your age (not your organisation age) you can’t have a birthday displayed on your org account, unless it’s > 13 i guess!


I did the thing you said. twitter team asked me to send them a file and I uploaded my passport scanned version about 12 hours ago.
but still have no response from them.
how much time will it take?

also can I request a verify badge with that scanned version of passport I sent?


That’s done manually by a person as far as i can tell so it could be a while - last time took 2 or 3 days to get unlocked after filling out form.

Verification is not available at the moment - so i doubt it


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