Account blocked several times when using Twitter API with Tweepy 'strange behaviour'


Hi! I’m running a Python script that filter Twitter for the topics that i’m interested in, and afterwards the script follows the people that is posting about that topics. To aviod exceded rates, I follow 1 user per 60 seconds at most.

I think that this script is ok with twitter rules, isn’t it? But my account has been blocked twice for ‘strange behaviour’ and asked me to confirm by mail or phone the ownership of my account.

How can inform Twitter that i’m doing this with my own script and is not an ‘strange behaviour’? I’m doing something wrong with twitter rules? I’m not spaming nor posting, only following selected users with a rate of 1 per 60 seconds at most.

Thanks in advance


You should take a look at the automation rules, which explicitly call out automated or bulk following as an undesirable behaviour.

Have you gone ahead and followed the directions to have your account or app unblocked? If you don’t make the changes requested, you’re likely to continue to get challenged by the automated antispam system when it detects unusual behaviours like this.


Thanks very much!