Account blocked for suspicious activity - CRUD lists



Hi there,

We’ve started using the Twitter REST API to manage lists based on user accounts in our application.
These accounts can contain twitter handles and based on accounts leaving/joining we’re updating the list for a set of accounts. Twice now however in a couple of days, our account has been blocked for “suspicious activitiy”.
I’ve checked the rules and read under the SPAM section that updating lists (regularly) can be regarded as suspicious activity. Which makes me wonder why they open it up to an API endpoint in the first place… (?)

So my question is, how can we avoid having our account blocked by using the REST API to manage the Twitter list. If we limit the amount of calls done to the lists, the only thing we can do is bulk update…which probably will have the same effect. I don’t really see a fixed number on the rate limit in order to get a “back-off” response, most numbers are estimates based on real life use cases.

Any response with regards to dose the usage or to counter this effect would be very much appreciated!