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Previously, Gnip used to provide access to a Twitter account’s audience insights (demographics, behavior) for authorized requests.

This edge was removed and since then there’s no trace about this subject anymore. We searched the web for possible solutions like Twitter Partners, but we didn’t find anything related to this topic.

So the question is: Is there a way to get the audience insights of a Twitter account with the right privilege?

I found this similar topic from 2017, but it didn’t help.


Not sure about the Gnip offering, but there are two pages you might want to check out



Hi Juan, thank you for your reply. The links you shared are related to paid ads audiences, which is not related to my topic; I aim to access the insights of organic audience of an account.


There is no current API that provides this data, no. The previous offering was retired and there is no replacement at this time.


Got it. Saw this in the Advertiser API category. Like I said, not sure about Gnip.


Is it available to any Twitter partner? S the real question is when a tool says it offers such insights, are they real about this or not?


Hi Nabil,
I will answer this, as this is exactly what we do at tweepsmap.
We offer demographics information, our data is based on algorithms that we develop in house, based on natural language processing and other signals.
Not sure what you mean by “real”, but our data is pretty accurate.

Hope this helps.


Hello Samir,

We will check out Tweepsmap, thanks for the info. Is it similar to SocialData for example but for Twitter?

What I meant by real is do some Twitter partners have this privilege to get audience data from Twitter, or they do it someway else like you guys?


Hi Nabil,
Sorry I never heard of SocialData, so I can’t comment on them.

As for “real”, as far as I know twitter doesn’t collects private demographic info from users and I have never seen them share such data, obviously for privacy reasons.
I can’t speak for all twitter partners, but we have access to the Enterprise subscription and there is no way to get audience insight data (except for ads).
Like I said our data is based on algorithms, I presume the others are doing the same. I believe we have the most accurate algorithms, but I am obviously biased :slight_smile:


The only way to offer this would be to derive and calculate it externally. There is no API for this any more.

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