Account Activity Whitelist




We seem to be having issues accessing the account activity APIs. We have been accepted for the beta but don’t appear to be whitelisted for the account activity APIs.

If we could be whitelisted that would be much appreciated.

App ID 14752908
Account: @kustomer


hey @frazerhorn - Look like we were able to resolve that and provision access for the AppID you mentioned.

Please be sure to check out the documentation if you have any problems!


Thanks for taking the time to look into this Kyle.

I’m getting a code 32 could not authenticate you error, as the account is
good I’m assuming this is a code issue so will check docs to try to resolve.


So with the DM only endpoints (account_activity/webhooks.json as per
I get a code 32, could not authenticate you. However, the all activity
endpoints are now working. Is this expected?


Yep - this is expected. These re two different products and currently having access to one, does not enable access to the other.

For what it’s worth, with the All Activities product, you will have all of the DM activities as well.


Thank you for the clarification.