Account Activity Web Hook changes?



Wish there was a topic for account activity!

My webhooks have changed overnight… but I cannot find any documentation for these changes. .

For example:
yesterday this is how a direct message started…

Now they look like this

Plus we only get 1 user object , rather than 2 ( for sender and receiver)

I guess it makes sense to have the ‘for_user_id’ … I’m more concerned I cannot find anything about this.
I’ll carry on hunting… wondering what else has changed ( broken from my side …lol)

I note the old json is still described in the documentation…


I will stop coding for the changes and wait till I see something that confirms these are actual changes rather than some sort of bug. ( I was doing a demo today… typical timing!)



There is (currently) no specific category for account activity but I added the webhooks and account-activity tags to your post to make them more visible.

Thanks for the feedback. As you know the API is currently in a beta period as we move towards a stable general availability and this should come soon. We appreciate your patience as we experiment with alternative data formats and you should expect more stabilised documentation once this reaches broader availability.

Thank you.


Thanks… the word ‘experiment’ scares me. I don’t wan’t to change everything to have it put back 2 days later.
Perhaps you could clarify what these changes are… are these progressive changes towards a more stable release… rather than an ‘experiment’ for an alternative data format? ( That sounds very flaky)

I have done Beta’s many times over the years ( from both sides). I suggest Twitter needs buy in from developers who are investing their own time into working with your platform. However you wont get this without having more transparent information for them.


Apologies for introducing such lack of clarity with my poor choice of words - that is on me, and not our engineering and product teams. I did not intend to suggest that you should expect a lot of tweaks and uncertainty. Yes, you should expect these to be moved to the stable release.

You can expect to hear more about the general release very soon now! In the meantime, we appreciate your understanding that this is a beta period, where data formats are open to changes.

Thank you.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Having the ‘for_user_id’ is going to be a good improvement for me in my handling of webhooks on my collector. I can gain allot of efficiency in handling the webhooks with this new change , so I am happy with the change.

Thank you for the prompt responses. Most appreciated.