Account Activity Twitter API - New Pricing Plan and limits


Hi Twitter Developers Community,
I would like to get the information of the new pricing and limits of the new Twitter Account Activity API for the Standard, PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE plans. A the moment we have developed a twitter APP for @onvoz twitter account using the soon the deprecate Twitter Streaming API. Since in the new developer twitter website ( does not inform the pricing and limits of the new plans for the new Twitter API; I would appreciate is someone could help me to get this information from twitter. Many thanks


The Account Activity API is not yet fully available and unfortunately we are not able to provide premium pricing. You are free to describe your use case and apply for enterprise access via the web links already provided.


Thanks for the response. I have a follow up question about the new Twitter API Enterprise plan. In case to apply to the new Enterprise PLAN, where I can get the pricing information and limits of the different options that Twitter offers in the new Twitter API Enterprise Plan. Many thanks.


For enterprise access and information, apply here.


Hi @andypiper and many thanks for the help. As you suggest I apply for enterprise access and information of the new twitter API so I can get to know the pricing. The problem is just pasted 12 days, and I did no received a answer from the twitter developer team. Is there is any other way I can contact the twitter developer team to know the new pricing option for the new twitter API. At the moment we developed a twitter integration for @onvoz app using the soon deprecating Twitter Streaming API. So for us is very important to now the new pricing option for the new twitter API, since that we now need to migrate our twitter integration that is build using the streaming API to the new Twitter API. Any additional help to get the new pricing information of the new twitter API will be really helpful. Many thanks again.