Account Activity: Follows



Referencing this:

We will be adding @mentions, Replies, Retweets, Quote Tweets, Likes, and Follows to the Account Activity API

Is “Follows” when someone follows me or when I follow them (or both)? Will this include unfollows as well? Like when I unfollow someone or they unfollow me will an event be triggered?


No details available, yet. I’d ask which follow events you would prefer to consume, but I assume all are equally desired and beneficial in some way.


I would like the events to be for when the subscribed account gains or loses a follower but can see value in all 4.

This actually leads me to another question that I’ll make as another thread.


Any estimation of when follow events are coming? It’s the blocker for us moving to this new API


@rowanseymour, our eng team is working on some estimations given current progress. If your concern is with the streaming endpoint deprecations, ample time will be provided between the release of new event types and full deprecation to allow for migration.


Not so worried about that - we just really want to get ported over because this new API is so much better (simpler, more transparent) than the current streaming API.