Account Activity Documentation is wrong for Subscription count



The documentation for account activity - subscription count is wrong.
Link to your documentation


GET account_activity/subscriptions/count
Returns the count of subscriptions that are currently active on your account for all activities. Note that the /count endpoint requires application-only OAuth, so that you should make requests using a bearer token instead of user context.

Resource URL

This endpoint is wrong… and so is the documented response.

The endpoint is actually

As mentioned , the returned information is also different to what is documented… I’ll let you guys find that one.

Since I have your attention… I’m adding my moan.
This migration is driving me crazy. You guys made the cut off 3 months from the date you made the access public. However the day before you made it public… so much changed in what was beta , that everything I had done and tested had to be redone. The documentation had not been updated at the ‘public release date’ and I have found a few things have changed even since the ‘public’ release.
How can a beta end with everything changing? Surely a beta should be testing what is going to be released.

Of course the pricing is another issue… it’s impossible for me to carry on supplying enterprise customers with a Twitter direct service channel solution using your Premium pricing model. If I had known the pricing 3 months ago, I would have dropped Twitter support before trying to migrate to the new platform.

Regrettably , based on how good the new platform was looking , I had started to promote Twitter Direct Messaging to my Enterprise customers. but now I have no choice but to convince them to not look at Twitter and I am just trying to find a way to make my existing customers happy and hopefully I don’t get any more.
I am still a little hopeful something will change… but it needs to happen fairly soon before I drop Twitter as an option.
Just to explain… If I have 7 customers, I cannot afford to pay for ‘up to 25’… I will be loosing hundreds of $ a month. At 20 customers , I would break even… but if I got to 26… back to loosing heaps of money every month. At no point would I be earning income to make this viable.
How can anyone manage this pricing structure is beyond me. The only option is to charge customers 20 X more than they need to , just to cover the cost for the ‘next step’ in case of needing to move to the next level.

Moan Over :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing this error out @PelinNomad working on making the update soon. I’ve passed along your feedback to the product team as well.


Thanks @happycamper and Thank you to Twitter staff for contacting me in regards to my complaint about pricing.
Just to clarify , I had a few things wrong with the pricing. Now that I have been corrected, I am a much more of a happy camper :smile:
I wrongly thought I would need to start paying the first tier pricing before getting to 16 customers… However if I am willing to start off without having retries enabled or a 2nd development environment, I can just use the Sand Box and wait until I need to pay for 16 before using the extra features.

But enough chatting , I have soooo much code to write and test… before the cut off…:zipper_mouth_face: