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I am writing to inquire how much time do we wait before receiving the access to the Account Activity API. I would like to receive Twitter’s direct messages real-time in the platform that I am working on. Hence, I need this API.

Instead of using the Account Activity API, I could use the REST API and query twitter for messages that have been received (on my acocunt) since a given date and time. It looks like that with twurl:
“twurl /1.1/direct_messages.json”

This one will list all messsages:
“twurl /1.1/direct_messages/events/list.json”

In order to support direct messaging (between a platform and twitter), I will need to make a lot of queries to the twitter database, to retrieve the most recent messages (received by my twitter account). I will have to make queries every 30 seconds, or every minute. This isn’t the way to go.

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Thanks for your request. At the moment we are still on-boarding new applications slowly as we learn from our initial experiences with the webhook-based Account Activity API, so we are unable to provide a precise timeframe for granting access. We appreciate your interest and your patience.


Thank you for the reply.
I have been granted access rights this morning.


Hi Andy, is there any way (or anyone specifically we can talk to ) to speed up the process of our application to access the new APIs? We are launching a new SaaS product in a few weeks, and this is holding everything up. Thanks Chris


Hi there - there is no specific way to get early access at this stage apart from patience I’m afraid. Also please be aware that the Account Activity API is currently just for direct message notifications, but will be expanded as we learn more and build it out. We definitely understand the interest and apologise for the occasional wait as we work through our queue.


Ok thanks anyway. We’ll have to find a work around.


@andypiper Just curious, I see that follows will eventually be included in those notifications. Will unfollows as well? Also, I notice on the Android app that the notification tell me if someone follows me but it also specifically tells me if they followed me back. Would that information be part of the account activity API for follows?



It could be interesting to have endpoints that listen to some events only; like the new direct messages. Will this be possible to register webhooks that include filters? I mean in the future…


These are good questions, but unfortunately I don’t have specific information that we can share on these topics at the moment. The general pattern is that the new Account Activity functionality is intended to cover the existing user stream activity message types (which encompass both Direct Messages and “events”, which cover some perspectives of following, but not unfollowing). Whether or not this will be filterable, and whether every one of the existing event types will carry over to the new model, I’m unable to confirm at this time.


I made this request a few months ago as well (Account Activity: Opting into specific events), I agree that it’d be very beneficial.


Please I applied for access to the Account Activity API for more that five weeks I have not gotten any response/reply from twitter. Please I don’t understand whats going on


We are sorry for the delayed response. As you might expect, we have a large number of developers inquiring about the Account Activity API and it takes a while to go through all of the applications.

Have you seen our latest blog post and announcement related to the Account Activity API? You can read more about it here:

Please let us know if you have any further questions.



We have applied for

  1. Developer Account (which is approved)

We created an app with consumer key: V5WQHcT4pdrGee36tDyEsvG3K

  1. Access to the Account Activity API(Request received, not yet approved)

So our problem is : when we try to make API calls to the account_activity/webhooks , we keep getting “code”: 32,
“message”: “Could not authenticate you.” Error

Please advice if this is caused by a misconfiguration on our side or do we have to wait for (2): approval of Access to the Account Activity API that is causing this error.



Thanks LeBraat for your response its 9 days now that I have reapplied using the new link you sent but to no avail. I got Facebook approval in just hours I don’t still know why this is taking months. Thanks


@GravitumLabs and @Reachus17 - We were able to provision your accounts with access to the new Account Activity API with all event types. The environment name you should use is: env-beta

Please start a new thread if you have any problems.


I am going to close this thread as we are encouraging everyone to apply for, and use the new Account Activity API with All Activities, which is currently in beta. Please let us know (in a new thread) if you are having problems requesting access or getting approved. Please note, we are doing our best to get everyone who applies with a descriptive use case and the Consumer App ID they plan to use, approved.