Account Activity API missing events + inaccurate documentation


I’ve run into several issues with the Account Activity API, perhaps the most paramount is that group messages aren’t coming in through the webhook. (This is for All Account activity, beta environment)

I am receiving messages and typing messages fine when the conversation is one on one, but as soon as it expands to 2+ the events stop coming in.

Additionally, the documentation found here for Direct Message Create events is not accurate. The object shows that the text of the message will be in the target, which confusing but also completely wrong. The text ends up in another area called message_data.

Last, I don’t receive any delete events of any kind. When a tweet or DM is deleted I expect to receive an event so that i can honor the user’s wishes and honor Twitter’s policy - Section C, #3. How am I expected to honor your policy if you don’t provide a decent way to do so? Am I expected to poll the rest APIs for every tweet we get to determine if it’s deleted?

These are major issues that should be resolved well in advance to Site Stream’s depreciation. If you cannot resolve them well ahead of time, you should push back the decomm date.


So far as I’m aware, group Direct Messages are not part of User Streams, Site Streams, or any of Twitter’s available APIs, so not having them in the Account Activity API is expected (but this may not be clearly signposted in the documentation, and that is something that we can improve on).

Deleted Tweet events are not part of the Account Activity API, as per the migration guide.

We appreciate your feedback on the documentation and will look to address that.


Why not? I don’t believe you’re setting us up for success to easily honor your own policies. If I collect thousands of tweets, am I expected to check back on them every day for years to see if they are deleted? (By doing so I’ll hit rate limits…)


The policy advises that the best way to “collect” Tweets is to store IDs rather than full Tweets. The Compliance Firehose is the best way to monitor the realtime status of individual Tweets. In general we suggest retrieving individual Tweets directly to avoid issues with deletion etc.


Thanks for the link to the compliance firehose, I hadn’t seen that yet! Sounds like that’s an enterprise only feature, however. sigh

As a feedback note: Might I humbly suggest that you guys might have your heads in the sand if you think a majority of developers are not saving the full saturated tweet on their own. I’m sure they are out there, but I’ve yet to see a Twitter integration (especially a support tool) that does this.


The example payload for DM objects retrieved in docs definitely tells a different story. It has a users collection, which indicates group DMs.


Thank you for all of this feedback, we appreciate it.


From last time I used the compliance firehouse it sends you ALL tweets that are deleted, not just ones you received. So it’s very heavy to use.