Account Activity API form Not available



Twitter Developer Team,

When I click the link to apply for Account Activity access

I don’t get the form. Instead it redirects to this page

Can you please approve our account for access to Account Activity?

We have a Premium account

Here are the details

Account - @ChatdeskTrends
App ID - 14667069

Owner - ChatdeskTrends
Owner ID - 919110017411964930

Please let me know f you need more information.

Thanks for your help!

FYI @KyleW


Thanks for reaching out @oaneto - We were able to provision access to the account Activity API for the App ID you mentioned. Please note, during this initial beta period, the product enrollment will not be visible in your developer

Your dev environment name is: env-beta

Let us know if you need any help getting going, and be sure to check out the docs.


Thanks @KyleW !! Really appreciate it


@KyleW kindly confirm that this permission has indeed been granted for this account:

Account - @ChatdeskTrends
App ID - 14667069

I keep getting 401 Authentication credentials error below:

message - Could not authenticate you.
code - 32

I’ve regenerated the consumer keys a few times all to no avail here.



@KyleW just a heads that @sao_ademola and I are working together on this App ID - 14667069

After you provisioned access to account Activity yesterday, things seemed to be working fine.

However, today we are getting the “could not authenticate you” error

Thanks for your help in looking into this


I can confirm you have been enrolled in the Account Activity API beta.

Which endpoint are you having problems with? and have you ever been able to successfully auth?

The Account Activity API require a user context and user Auth, where many of our other endpoints only require App Auth. can you confirm you are using an User Auth context?


Thanks for the response @KyleW

The account indeed has the Account Activity permission and the User Auth Context is currently being used.

We ran into another issue which wasn’t experienced while using the Direct Messages API

message - Webhook URL does not meet the requirements. Please consult:
code - 214

Pretty sure the URL meets the requirements of:

  • Latency is under 1s
  • 200 HTTP status code
  • Valid response_token and JSON format.

I checked the access logs to see if we received any ping on the webhook URL but none was made.

The URL being used is:
The endpoint used is:

Do you have any pointers on this?


Hey @KyleW ,

We got this to work and it had to do with the encoding of the URL, the plain webhook URL works for us currently.

Thanks for the help so far, well appreciated.