Account Activity API for Multiple Twitter Apps



We applied and were granted access to the Account Activity API - Direct Messages beta for one app (ID 14466071). I can’t seem to apply for access for other apps as I’m redirected to our dashboard when I go to Is there another process that I need to follow?


Hi @tscheez- We were able to look into your account, it looks like you did not have access to the Account Activity API - All Activities beta. We went ahead and added access (for the app ID 14466071) to the All Activities beta and set your environment name to: env-beta

At this time, we are only provisioning access for a single Client App in the beta period (per developer account). This will likely change when we launch the generally available product soon.

Let us know if you need any more help.


If I have an app under a different account (ID 14654853) can it be authorized as well? This ID would only be used for development and testing.


If when you applied for a developer account, you specified the account was for an organization, you could invite that user to the developer account and they could also access the dev environment and product enrollment.

If you applied as an individual, there is no good way to share the environment at this time.


I’m sorry if I’m not understanding, but app ID 14466071 was applied for by our organization and we are able to share the environment. What we’re struggling with is the ability to test the integration of a chatbot with a webhook in multiple development environments and a test environment. Is there a way to accomplish this?