Account Activity API documentation inconsistencies



There are inconsistencies between the URL fragments shown on the Account Activity API Reference Index and those shown in the detailed documentation, e.g., for manually triggering a CRC check, the index does not show that a webhook ID is required.

The target for the link to Premium Account Activity Subscriptions Count is incorrect. The correct link target is #get-account-activity-all-subscriptions-count .

Generally, the documentation (and perhaps the API?) is very inconsistent in terms of where the /all is part of the URL. I also wish that the Enterprise API and the Premium API were more consistent with each other; I’m working on a library that might be used by either and in many cases it shouldn’t be necessary (except for use of env_name) to use different URLs. But I suspect this horse has left the barn.


Hi @jimfenton. Thank you for highlighting this. You flagging this helps the community better understand, and also our team as we work to continuously improve our docs. I’m going to reach out to the appropriate team and alert them of this.