Account Activity API beta Access


My app has been on the waitlist to beta access to Account Activity API for more than 1 month. Could you please assist if there are any steps pending on my side?

Reference #ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004A00001LbyEM:ref
App ID 15048395
Owner @appangryspace
Owner ID 971030059220963335


Hey I’m waiting too, out of interest, has anyone got back to you about this yet?


Hi! No, I’m still waiting for any feedback on app review.


That’s a big shame, I wish they were more transparent about how long it takes or at least how long the queue is and if there’s any way they are prioritising other than what order the applications were submitted in.

Have you found anything that’s given you any kind of estimate of time frame at all? All I can find is the occasional user asking for help after a month of waiting.


I am also waiting on my application. Very strange that they are not clear on the waitlist.


As applications for the beta come in, we are doing our best to quickly process those that have a well defined use case and explain how they plan to use the APIs. Those that don’t match those criteria often require email correspondence, to understand what it is you are actually trying to do with the API, which takes us time.

Hang in there - I know this is not ideal and we are working to expedite the process.