Account Activity API - availability of full enterprise, and standard (beta) options



The Account Activity API is a webhook-based method for developers to subscribe to a real time feed of activities related to user accounts on Twitter. In April, the initial beta release only supported Direct Message events. Today, we’re announcing two updates:

  • General availability of the enterprise version of the Account Activity API. This enables developers who have access to the product to receive all account activity data from a large number of accounts, with additional reliability features, and backed by managed support.
  • Beta availability for the standard version of the Account Activity API. This enables any developer to receive all activities for up to 35 accounts. Support for the standard version is forum-based, via the existing categories.

You can read more about the Account Activity API release in our blog post. To get started subscribing to account activities in your apps, check out the documentation on and apply for access through our new developer access application.

It is important to note, when you fill in your application for access and are completing the use case details section, make sure to:

  • be thorough in describing what you’re building
  • clearly state that you need access to the Account Activity API beta
  • include the app ID of the app you plan to use (you can find this in the browser URL for your app on

Feel free to follow up with questions here on the forums, and be sure to tag your posts with webhooks to indicate that you’re using the Account Activity API.

Thanks for your patience as we iterate during the beta period, and we’re excited to see what you build using these new features!

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