Accidentally created app with Read only, now I've changed but still get rejected


Hi all,

I recently had my app approved for the Activity API and started going through the process of registering a webhook. However, in creating my app I accidentally set it to Read Only permissions.

To register the webhook, I need to be able to write. I’ve changed my permissions over to “Read, write, and direct messages” and regenerated access tokens - however, when I try and register my webhook I still get the same error:

"Application cannot perform write actions. Contact Twitter Platform Operations through"

My theory is that it perhaps takes the system a bit of time to recognise that I’ve switched over my permissions? Or do I really have to contact support about this?



Hi @dantribefire - It is indeed possible that you will have to wait for the system to recognise this change. Have you tried again, now that a significant amount of time has passed?