#accesstoken gets expired frequently


Hi everyone,

I know this question has been asked before. I am well aware of this answer:

“We do not currently expire access tokens. Your access token will be invalid if a user explicitly rejects your application from their settings or if a Twitter admin suspends your application. If your application is suspended there will be a note on your application page saying that it has been suspended.”

Yet, we are facing a major issue as access tokens are getting expired. Our application has not been suspended. We are adhering to rate limits. We know user haven’t revoked access tokens because we’re only testing it among the developer team.

There is no typical pattern to when it gets expired. Sometime, it gets expired when we’re logged in, sometimes it gets expired when we’re logged out (we use the access tokens offline as well- few CRON jobs are running.)

Please help us as we have searched a lot and read many answers; we don’t seem to find anyone facing the same issue as we are.



Did you ever figure this out? Having the same issue.