What is the expiration time of Twitter AccessToken/AccessTokenSecret? Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I’ve looked and can’t find a definitive answer. Thanks.


There is no expiration time. Users have an opportunity to revoke access; and developers have the ability to invalidate tokens. If you’re finding that tokens fail to work, it may also be due to automation rules coming into play in relation to the use case, to reduce or avoid problem behaviours.


I wasn’t able to invalidate the tokens for OAuth2. I was able to for OAuth1.0. Could you please respond to my question posted here:

as well? The last reply to it was that the team would be working on it, but haven’t heard since for over 14 days.


We are working on it and aware of it, but an infrastructure change means that this has not been prioritised. I cannot offer timeline right now. Why is this a vital thing to resolve from your perspective? Do you believe am active bearer token is being misused?


It’s not vital for things that I do. I don’t think my tokens are being misused.

I will leave a post if things are vital or I believe that my tokens are being misused if I could get a quick reply as this one :slight_smile:

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