Accessing twitter from phonegap/cordova


Hi all,

Im new to OAuth and Im struggling to get a simple phonegap/cordova application working…

I know I need to use jsOAuth, but Im struggling to get a simple “Login” + send a simple tweet working… actually Im totally lost…

Does anyone have a simple example of this??

My final objective is to allow other people to use the app against their twitter accounts, Im assuming Id need to use a PIN approach??

Finally, another solution I had investigated was to use the twitter4J library and call that from phonegap, is this a solution?

Many thanks all,


Hi Angelo -

Guess I’m pretty late to this party, but I’m in the same boat. Very new to OAuth as well, and coupled with the upcoming changes to the Twitter API… there’s a lot I don’t know how to do.

I found this post on Twitter Integration on PhoneGap Using ChildBrowser and OAuth for iOS/Android, and that’s kind of been my starting point.

I’ve found that ChildBrowser is seemingly a little outdated, given the addition of InAppBrowser, so I’m trying to adapt the code in the above tutorial on the fly.

Honestly, I don’t even know if jsOAuth will still work, particularly with the upcoming API changes here. But my goal so far has been to try to set up basic authentication, and go from there.

As I said, lots I don’t know and I’ve been doing a lot more reading/researching than coding lately. I’d definitely be curious if you had any success in your looking around.


@avoision and @gadgetangelo

were you able to adapt in inAppBrowser?