Accessing stats of one handle via another, authenticated handle



I’ve got a somewhat involved question so please ask if you need more detail.

I have two twitter handles. The first, we’ll call @foo, has access to the Advertiser API and is working as intended. I am able to GET as expected. This account does not actually run any campaigns though and so has no stats data.

The second, we’ll call @bar, does not have Advertiser API access. It is used to manage campaigns though and has stats data.

My question is: is it possible to use @foo to request the stats that @bar has? (It may be that an administrator has to grant access of @bar’s data to @foo and such a solution should be acceptable on my side.)




Hi @jdgillespie91- I believe your question is answered in our doc on Obtaining Ads Account Access.


Thanks so much - I’d seen this link before posting but had some trouble understanding exactly how to grant “Ads Manager” access. The link at the bottom of the page described exactly how to do this though so everything is now resolved.