Accessing and Setting the Pinned Tweet


Is there (or is there plans for) an API call to see which tweet is pinned by a particular user.
Also is there anyway of setting a pinned tweet via API?


Waiting for the same answer


I am also waiting for that.
Do you know how?


This is not available in the API. What is your use case please?


get the pinned tweet from some users accounts.
Is it possible?


No this is not possible. I was curious what you would use this capability for if it was available in the API in the future (the use case) as this can sometimes help us to prioritise API features if we understand how developers would like to make use of the feature.


I am trying to guess from some twitter`s users what is their soccer team, so I am looking in their screen_names, descriptions and names if appears a nickname from a soccer team. I want to make the same with the pinned tweet.