Accessibility Issue - Tabbing through Twitter Widget


I’ve embedded a Twitter widget into a few sites and seen it on a few other sites. I’ve been doing keyboard testing on things recently, and I’ve noticed that it’s quite hard to get tab focus out of the widget once it’s gone in.

You can escape it, but it means getting to the bottom of all of the tweets that have been shown. On one widget, I found that I had to hold the tab key down solidly for just over 10 seconds to get out of the widget, which isn’t ideal. Each tweet seems to have a minimum of 4 keyboard-focusable elements, and then things like hashtags and links are all focusable too. When you have several tweets with lots of hashtags and content, the number of tab throughs starts to get super high.

If it were impossible to tab out, it would be a keyboard trap and would go against one of the WGA accessibility critera: - it currently is escapable, but it takes a lot of patience to do so

A solution could be something using alternate controls to the tab to navigate through the Twitter widget. For example, like on a drop-down menu where you use the arrow key to navigate through the options.

Accessibility violation: no visible outlines for keyboard focus in embedded timelines

Thanks for the feedback - I can pass this along to the team.


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