Accessibility features (alt text) in Direct Messages?



Hey all,

As of last year we have support for alt-text on images, which is great! (see ).

However, as far as I can tell this feature isn’t available for Direct Messages? Cards that I send also don’t seem to be picked up when I view them in a DM chat.



(when composing tweets, I can add a description which renders as alt-text. DMs don’t allow to add a description)
Am I missing something, or is there a place that I can request this feature?



This not currently a product feature, and we don’t have a specific space for requesting new features. These forums are for API discussions rather than product features.



Thanks for the feedback! I passed this request on to the DM team; can’t comment on when they might get to it though!




great, thanks a lot! It’d be really nice to have that option; for chatbots Twitter seems ahead in the accessibility features department (keep up the good work!) when compared to FB, Telegram etc but not having alt text for DMs is a tad annoying.

Hope you can add it soon!



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