Access video app cards through the ads API?


Are video app cards exposed through the ads API?

From here ( I see: app_download, image_app_download, lead_gen, website.

VIDEO_VIEWS Objective Campaigns: Available through the API yet?

Hi @bmorrismz,

Unfortunately, video app cards are not yet supported through the API. This is on the roadmap but no date has been set for GA. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Hi @jillblaz, is there any update on this? Is there a way to access the video cards through the API?

The reason I ask is because VIDEO_VIEWS is a closed-beta campaign objective via the Ads API. (

In that same link, the documentation describes that we require a Video Card in order to create a Video Views campaign. So, with that being said, what is the process of creating a new Video Card or accessing a Video Card that was created on twitter for a Video Views campaign?


Hi @msbukkuri,

Stats for VIDEO_VIEWS can be accessed through the API if there is data. However, there is currently no support for creation of video cards through the API.


@jillblaz Thanks for your swift response. Does this mean we are unable to retrieve video cards or tweets that have been created on Twitter via the Ads API as well?


@jillblaz Specifically the /scoped_timeline API with “objective=VIDEO_VIEWS”; it returns empty pages even when I know there are valid tweets according to the ads UI.


We are experiencing the same issue with scoped_timeline?objective=VIDEO_VIEWS . I had written it up as a separate bug since this ticket seemed to revolve around creating player cards, versus being able to GET them. scoped_timeline + VIDEO_VIEWS does not work