Access Token Secret:


Does anyone know where I can find my “Twitter Access Token Secret:” When I clicked for the API oAUTH I got all the other kets
Twitter Consumer Secret and Twitter Consumer Key: and
Twitter Access Token but not he Access Token Secret… I am using a WP plugin Tweet This v1.8.3 - - thanks


The access token secret is directly below the access token. See the last image on this page:


where do i find my access token for my twitter for my blog?


Make sure you click the button at the bottom of the page to reveal the access token & token secret :slight_smile:


My designer is testing a simple twitter feed on his website (different server, different domain) vs mine… will my feed show up on his site when I fill in the proper keys etc?


Thank you!!! You saved me a lot of time :slight_smile:


How i can get Access Token: and Access Secret Token: for my webs ?
i already created account in



I would like to create a token on your site
Access token
Access token secret

how to get it?

thank you


And what if I go to that page and there’s no button to click? Has something changed in the time since you posted this solution?


@Women4KS I have the same problem :’( Have you figured out a solution yet?


You’ll find the button at the bottom of the API Keys page

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I’m realy bad sumone help pls


After commenting and complaining i tried one more time, i used the get command and run the activation and it worked.


It’s for another app, but their documentation and screenshots help explain.