Access Token not returning user id



I’m setting up the capability to sign in with Twitter but when i request with a generated request token, the access token returns only a key and a secret but no user id or screen name.

Would anyone be able to guide me on this?

Many thanks,



Our OAuth implementation has changed since the sign in article was written and it looks like the screen name was removed. That went under my radar, so thanks for bringing this to our attention - I’ve updated the doc to remove the incorrect information.

As an alternative, you can obtain information about the signed in user by issuing an additional call to [node:14]



Sorry to dispoint you, but the documentation still says we should retrieve a user_id and screen_name query string parameter here :

By the way, don’t you think it is quite inappropriate to have removed theses two parameters (because of the low request rate limit) ?



Yes and here we are 1 year and 1 week ahead and the instructions are still incorrect.
I cant help feel my development time is being severely increased by these and other incorrect instructions.

Also version 1 of the API is now deprecated.
Here is the updated API commands


And still the information in the access_token Rest API 1.1 says we will get the UserID and ScreenName back. When are you going to change these documents, so we don’t waste our time?