Access to webhook



Hi, we already filled twice the form that should allow us to get from you an information and access to your beta API Webhook so we could connect / integrate our new app with you - can we at least get an information about why we wait for your response
for about three weeks now and didn’t get any access nor response from you regarding activation. Is this even working from your end or we should forget about integration with webhook for now and focus with already working streaming API?
Please let us know because our client is waiting for us to finish the job and we don’t know if we should wait or start do streaming API instead
The account we used to write you and API request was Gotoma Test - can you check please what is the status of our request and lest us know or give us the access to the webhook API?


The Account Activity API is still a beta and is currently limited to Direct Message events only (although other events are planned). We are enabling access for groups of developers on a case-by-case basis as we learn and scale, so if your use case and request has not yet been approved, please be patient.

If you specifically need access to a real-time feature right now then you may be best to use the existing streaming API until the program is opened more widely.