Access to tweets if account is blocked?


Now that twitter Rest API requires authenticaion, and every application must relay on a creator’s twitter username, if an account @xxx blocks the user that created the application,can this application still access to @xxx tweets from the API?


If your application relies on the creator’s Twitter Username, you got the whole oAuth concept wrong and probably have some very bad security issue in your App.
An Application has two different ways of Authentication:

  1. App Auth: Using a bearer token, used if the App needs read-only access to public data and not be tied to a special Account
  2. User Auth: Log-in an user using oAuth and get credentials for it, needed when the App needs to to things in behalf of the User

So, in case 1. the App should still have access to the Tweets of User X even if User X has blocked the creator of the App. In case 2. the User using the App would have no longer access to the Tweets of User X, if she has blocked the authenticated User. (The App creator doesn’t matter regardless of the case)


You are right, i misunderstood one of the parameters of the request.
Thank you for your response, you were very helpful