Access to Premium API for an university research project (master thesis)


Hi, I am currently working on a research project for my master thesis and I am planning to analyse Tweets from, let’s say, March 2016 of a specific topic / hashtags (e.g. #MachineLearning, “Machine Learning”). Unfortunately the data I need is not accessable with the free API.
Does anyone know how and where to apply for the full-archive access?

Thanks a lot!


If you don’t already have a Developer account and app approved, you’ll need to do that first:

Otherwise, there’s no application for the endpoint - you’ll just need to upgrade and pay for access


Thanks Igor for the fast reply! I already have a developer account, but as a student I cannot afford to pay for the premium access. Though, I heard that Twitter in some cases grant students full archive access for the limited time of their research projects. That’s what my question was aiming at, since the Twitter Support does not answer and I don’t know where else to could get into contact with them.