Access to Periscope Producer API



I sent few requests to get access for Producer API, but not any response.
Just interesting: did somebody get approve for it?
I would like get simple access: just read rtmp-params by OAuth, because copy-paste from Producer-page is not user-friendly.


Apologies if you’ve not been granted access as of yet - this is a beta program and we are on-boarding partners on a case-by-case basis. I’m personally not able to help with this one. We appreciate your patience.


ok, thanks.
In current version my users should copy/paste rtmp-params at first time ( I hope they have patience as my) :slight_smile:


Hey JustBroadcaster, I just approved you. Head over to from your JustBroadcaster Periscope account and you should be able to create/manage OAuth applications.

Apologies for the delay on this, we were waiting to ship self-service OAuth application management before we onboarded very many new partners.


Hi John,
thanks, I added one application.
What do you say about API docs?
I see some methods in Chrome Network-tab from the “Producer”, can I use it?
// like “


Can you provide info about OAuth endpoint?
// I try use info for Twitter API but not successfully.


I’d recommend responding to the emails related to API access while this remains in beta. Thanks!


BTW: my email is


Hi John, Our company, applied to join the Periscope Producer API in May last year. It appeared we were accepted… we received the API doc and had begun development. The sw team was diverted to another project and returned to work with the Periscope API recently. We have been trying to contact twitter support and the API team with no success. All we need is an access token as we have already completed integration of the API. I am sorry to bug you and maybe you are not the right person to talk to, but any help pointing us in the right direction would be helpful.


Hi, I am Ashwani Mishra, CMO, Hocalwire…We are media technology company and have a product called LIVEROOM which facilitate re-streaming of LIVE video to multiple social channels…We are already streaming for 50 digital news rooms in india and political parties also uses this solution to broadcast their stream to multiple political social profiles.
I have applied for periscope developer account in order to allow our media partners broadcast to twitter as well but have not yet got any response. Please help me how can i get a developer account so that we can show some quality live streams to twitter as well.