Access to Enterprise Account Activity API




Currently I am developing an application that uses Account Activity API. After few days we received access to Standard beta Account Activity API. For development phase it is enough but in near future we will need access to Enterprise Account Activity API. My chief asked for access to Enterprise Account Activity API (using this form: It is more than month since submission and we did not receive any feedback. Is there any way to contact Twitter staff to check submission status?

Can anyone can answer my question?

I am not sure if REST API was correct category, I changed my post to Premium API, maybe it is better place.


Hi @sh_krzysiek thanks for the nudge and apologies for the inconvenience, the application did not come through and we are checking on the form now.

Which app ID are you using for the Standard beta? I’ll pass this along to my sales team to get your contact info.


Hello @happycamper, I do not know what value is proper app ID in terms you use. Is it Consumer Key (API Key) from Details tab of an app? Or is it something else?

I guess that app id is visible in url when I open application details. Am I right?

Is it safe to share app ID here? Or should I send you this app id in different way?

BTW, could you add App id field in Details tab of an application? It would be much more user friendly.


Hey @sh_krzysiek,

The app ID is visible in the URL when you open the app in question. You are correct.

Do feel free to share your app ID here.

We do not have plans to add the app ID to the details tab.



Hello @LeBraat, @happycamper,

App id: 14580243