Access to Ads API



I was able to access Ads API ( via test account and app owner account ) last week.

Owner ID : 399985750

But this week, the access via twurl failed with 403
{“errors”:[{“code”:“UNAUTHORIZED_CLIENT_APPLICATION”,“message”:“The client application making this request does not have access to this API”}],“request”:{“params”:{}}}
Also call to sandbox API produced the same error

Please help check if the app access is still valid.



Hi there

You are receiving this error, since we have previously whitelisted a different app under @TreasureDataJP. We have discussed this with your team in Japan, and since we don’t whitelist multiple AppIDs under a same entity, we have revoked your access.

Can you follow up with your internal team and use the AppID which has been whitelisted?

Thank you


Thanks @OKJ for your help. Yes there was a parallel attempt to apply for access from our JP office. We will discuss internally and use the other one instead.



Hi, I am getting the same error. I followed the 3-legged oauth workflow and successfully authenticate with a prod account that I control. Then when I try to get a list of accounts for that user, it returns ‘UNAUTHORIZED_CLIENT_APPLICATION’.

Owner ID: 807146840005242880


Can you please let me know what is the solution in this case, as I’m facing same issue, I have one whitelisted AppId and I have multiple accounts that I wanted to access for API ads.


Hi @basharkheng. Just to be clear, you whitelisted one App ID, and now you want to tie ad accounts to manage campaigns?

If yes, the problem is not whitelisting multiple App IDs, but more of oAuthing the ad accounts to the App ID. You can see the directions here


Can you please let me know how to oAuthing the ad accounts to the App ID, I
went thru here,
but cant follow how to do it.
I tried to put the handle for the account that i wanted it to be granted in
the ( twitter Ads API Program ) with the
whitelisted AppID. is this the way to connect all my ad accounts to the same
whitelisted AppId ?