Access to AAAPI beta


Hi Twitter staff,

We develop an app which uses site streams.
In order to avoid losing functionality when site streams are deprecated, we need to switch to AA as soon as possible.

I applied almost two months ago using the form, and no reply since.

Could you please take a look and maybe even give the application a nudge?
Our app ID: 357

Omer Ginor


As applications for the beta come in, we are doing our best to quickly process those that have a well defined use case and explain how they plan to use the APIs. Those that don’t match those criteria often require email correspondence, to understand what it is you are actually trying to do with the API, which takes us time.

Hang in there - I know this is not ideal and we are working to expedite the process.


Thanks for your reply!
Our use case and the way we’re going to use the API are very clear, as this is an app that’s been running for years already.
Could it be that it’s being delayed because I filled in the Enterprise access request form, as premium access was not advertised at the time? Could you please check or let me know if I need to re-submit?
I’ve seen that AAAPI Premium is now in GA phase. Is the process to receive access to premium the same?
Thanks again!